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Karli is an Oregon native and recent La Grande transplant; she fulfilled a longtime dream by moving to north east Oregon and loves everything about living in our little valley. She has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and loves pairing her knowledge of exercise and kinesiology with massage.
She believes movement and manual therapy are the best medicine and excels at pairing therapeutic, massage with relaxation, so you’re left feeling not only relief but complete bliss.
Some of her specialties include Deep Tissue, Cupping, Guasha (IASTM), myofacial release, passive and active stretching techniques and the application of Kinesiology tape. Karli draws from her understanding of the human fascial system, and views the body as a whole interconnected network. She loves trouble shooting and problem solving every clients individual needs.
When not working she can be found at one of Peak’s classes, trail running Mt. Emily, and enjoying cooking and exploring with her hubby and pup!


60 minute session


5 x 60 minute session


90 minute session


5 x 90 minute session


Call or TXT for scheduling (541) 450-0634 – Not booking new clients at this time, thank you!