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Get stronger and achieve body recomposition through a unique mix of low-impact pilates combined with strength training.


Hatha Flow combines the traditional stretching, balance and breath work of hatha style yoga with gentle movement, mobility-focused sequencing and creative expression. A great mix of chill and challenge!


Bands are utilized during high-intensity intervals to challenge the body through all planes of motion while targeting the hips and booty through lateral engagement.


Aerial Yoga allows gravity to work for the body rather than against it. Inversion and traction are two techniques that allow the body to realign itself. The pressure of the silks on the hips can act as a deep tissue release, and inversion increases both blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Aerial Yoga is a practice of liberation and joy, as we stretch and soothe the body the mind is released and at peace.


Short on time, but not on energy? Join us for a focus on muscle groups with compliments of cardio.


Ignite your fitness journey with our Functional Fitness Circuit Class! Elevate strength, agility, and endurance through dynamic exercises targeting multiple muscle groups. Suitable for all levels, our high-energy circuits deliver efficient, real-life movement workouts.


Indoor cycling is a cardiovascular workout that burns calories, tones muscles and blasts fat. It’s the perfect class for all fitness levels from beginners to the seasoned cyclists. This class focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery all set to motivating upbeat music.


Zen Mobility is designed to reconnect the breath, body, and spirit in a low-impact way that increases mobility and circulation, regardless of experience with movement.


Strength training focused on developing stability, power, and injury prevention for hiking, running, cycling, and being generally active!




A moving meditation that enhances strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. As we ride the waves of breath in our Yoga practice, we allow the waves of transformation in our lives with a sense of grace and ease.


An energy boosting class that combines movements from yoga, pilates, dance, and functional training. Class involves a mat, small free weights (optional) and upbeat music. Barre is a fun, low impact workout with modifications and layers offered so you are able to get the workout YOU want. Get ready to feel the burn!


We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.

GMB Mobility combines focused dynamic stretching, fun and challenging locomotive movements and breathwork to improve your motor control, coordinated strength, injury resistance and overall physical autonomy. Anyone that wants to move better will benefit from this class.

Embrace vitality in our Senior Circuit Class! Tailored for mature participants, enjoy gentle exercises promoting strength, flexibility, and balance. Our supportive environment ensures a safe and enjoyable fitness journey. Join us for rejuvenating sessions crafted for active aging!


This class combines vinyasa flow yoga with mat Pilates for a gentle, effective core strengthening and stretching class.  In each class, you will strengthen and maintain your core and increase your flexibility, movement fluidity, balance, and focus. 

Posterior chain exercises can help build strength, reduce back pain, and improve your posture. The posterior chain is pivotal in fending off injury and generating strength and explosion for athletes, or simply forming good alignment and stature.


What People Have to Say About Us

Peak has wonderful instructors and the atmosphere is positive, fun, and supportive! They are doing a fantastic job of keeping members sane and healthy during this crisis, with live streaming and recorded classes. Zumba in my living room is keeping a smile on my face (and giggles in my family)! ​

Amazing environment to be in and I’m already going back to try more classes!!😍💪🏼Will definitely be taking my friends there to try a class or two!! Colleen is an amazing instructor along with the rest of her team! So go check them out if you want to get your sweat on ​

So happy I found this place. GREAT classes and lots of variety. I highly recommend it!

Great atmosphere with a wonderful floor space for all activities. The instructors are well trained and very accommodating! Colleen provides merchandise and expertise in training also!
Linda W

Love, love, love this place! Something for everyone! The instructors are awesome and really care about everyone who walks through the door. So much to offer and just starting to grow. I can’t wait to see the final product. If you want to go to place where you don’t feel judged and want a fabulous workout through group workouts this is your place. A huge shout out to Colleen for pursuing her dream! You got this!!!!!! You’re doing a great job! Love all the instructors so far!!!! ​
Linda M

I love Peak Lifestyle Studio! The variety of classes offer something for everyone. The instructors are supportive, fun and challenging.

What’s not to love about women supporting women 💪🏻 (dudes too!) I’ve never been part of a gym that felt truly inclusive and KIND to all. This is truly a place to feel empowered to be exactly who YOU are. Hard to leave without a smile and a good sweat

PEAK studio has a variety of class selections offered by well established and up and coming fitness instructors. Several different workout options are available throughout the week including Saturday's. The floor space is awesome. Love the people, love the energy!

First class today and while it definitely kicked my butt, that's exactly what I wanted!!! colleen is awesome and so sweet🥰