Colleen McIntosh

Colleen is dedicated to each individuals experience being a positive one at peak lifestyle studio, a woman-centered group fitness facility. She has taught Buti Yoga since 2015 and has educated on the safe and effective uses of essential oils since 2013. She enjoys teaching classes that bring people out of their comfort zones, while feeling like they belong the moment they walk in the door.

Andrea Mallory

Andrea celebrates the beauty, freedom and perfection that lies within imperfection both on and off the mat, finding great joy in holding space for students to evolve through their yoga practice.

Amanda Tsiastos

Amanda is a certified indoor cycling instructor and has been involved with indoor cycling since 2006. “I want to create a class that allows people from any fitness level to really push themselves to the limit and discover all the benefits both physically and emotionally that exercise can bring”.

Lynette Williamson

Lynette Williamson is a Certified Master Personal Trainer and has taught Turbo Kickboxing since 2004. She is passionate about empowering people through fitness and movement and encouraging them to see their own amazing potential.

Samantha Belote

I love all things MOVEMENT. I enjoy running and have a sports background. I have tried almost every type of workout and I believe (and encourage) that having a well-rounded, versatile fitness journey will keep working out fun and fresh! I turn the music UP and the club lights ON, and try to use cues and modifications in class as much as possible to cater to the variety of fitness levels in class!

Class: Barre Sculpt – Mondays at 5:30 pm
An energy boosting class that combines movements from yoga, pilates, dance, and functional training. Class involves a mat, small free weights (optional) and upbeat music.
Barre is a fun, low impact workout with modifications and layers offered so you are able to get the workout YOU want. Get ready to feel the burn!

Spin & Flex – Tuesdays at 6 am

A spin class with light weights! This 45-minute class is filled with upbeat music and will get you sweating in no time. The class starts out with a 20-25 moderate-to-intense cycle, and shifts to light weights while seated on the bike, then finishes up with a cycle sprint to the finish line. A full body calorie burning workout!

Nicole Haggerty

Nicole guides women to wellness with a Holistic approach.

In 2016 she graduated from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach & became a Certified Personal Trainer so she could help people get well and feel great again! She is multi-passionate in Health & Fitness including Plant Based Eating, Meditation, Weight Management, Detoxification, Anti Aging, Yoga, & Pilates.

Class: YogaX; YogaX is a mixture of focused Breathing, Yoga, & Pilates.
This class is designed to help you gain flexibility while building lean muscle. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, there is something for everyone. YogaX will have your muscles trembling in all the right ways.

Staci E

I love spin and helping anyone reach their potential in exercise!  My philosophy is that if you show up and move your body, you’ve already won!  Spin is for everyone; my goal is to make it doable for anyone at any level!  I curate workouts to the beat of awesome music and encourage you every step of the way!  We are in this together!

Giannina Price

Zumba is my passion in life! Being from Peru, music and dance is ‘the’ culture…I truly love to dance and I love music! I love to teach zumba classes because I get great enjoyment and fulfillment from connecting others to music and dance. More importantly, connecting with my students and creating lifelong relationships. I love seeing my students letting go, de-stressing and having fun! It does my heart good when students gain confidence through expressing themselves in dance and also achieving their fitness goals.
Zumba – We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.

Tracy Christopher

Tracy has been involved with indoor cycling since 2010. She loves inspiring her classes to cycle to the beat of the music, build up that core, get that body movin, and endorphins flowin! You did the hardest thing, you got up, now get going!

Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes is a certified yoga teacher (RYT200) and Professor of English. She is passionate about integrating mental and physical wellness, growing women’s health and sovereignty, and finding authentic joy in the process of healing.